Grieving: Handle with Care Campaign

Created to support families and friends that have lost a loved one, as well as the people surrounding those who are grieving.  Read More…



Treasured Memories Campaign

Created to support those that lose a child during pregnancy or shortly after through our donations to hospitals that will care for these families. Read More…

Grieving: Handle with Care Campaign

Very often we hear of tragic events that happen to someone we know. It’s an understatement to say that when this happens it’s an enormous shock to the immediate family and friends. But what about those who are standing on the outside, perhaps your best friend loses a family member or your boss or co-worker loses a child.

It’s hard knowing what to say to comfort someone grieving. It’s even harder for the person grieving to handle the unintentional comments that people make or the alienation that results from not knowing what to say or do around the person grieving.

The goal of the “Grieving – Handle with Care” Campaign is twofold – to support those who have lost a loved one and to assist the people surrounding those who are grieving.  We fulfill this goal by providing:


  • A lapel pin, recognized as a silent sign of someone grieving
  • Resources to include community in-person support groups, websites, and books to read
  • Brochure on what to say and do and what not to say and do when dealing with those who are grieving
  • On-line support on the LLOST Facebook Private Group
  • Burial cost assistance
  • A variety of seminars

“Grieving: Handle with Care” Lapel Pin
Our goal is for this lapel pin to be recognized, worldwide, as a silent sign of grieving. GHWC Lapel PinGHWCPin

The lapel pin was created to:

  • Help others recognize your need for compassion
  • Help other grievers realize they are not alone
  • Build bridges of support

The lapel pin is attached to a bookmark with information concerning the campaign, as well as the services of the LLOST Foundation. Bookmarks are available in English and Spanish, adult and child.

Contact us if you would like to assist in getting the word out, if you would like a Grieving: Handle with Care Lapel Pin, if your hospital would like a bulk order, or if you would like to donate lapel pins to different organizations.


The Treasured Memories Campaign

The LLOST Foundation took on a whole new dimension when our family lost Zara Beth Niblett at birth on December 22, 2007. Zara was dreamed of for many years by her parents, Vicky and Duncan. Every moment that Zara lived was a precious gift to her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends; we only wish we had gotten to keep her longer.

Our family was cared for by an amazing woman, Tammy Ruiz, and we owe so much of the strengths we have found while grieving to her. She, along with other wonderful nurses, Janet, Maureen and Jen especially, helped to capture many memories that we will treasure forever. The memory box we received from Tammy and all the pictures taken by another amazing woman, Valerie Harte, at Photography with Harte are priceless.

We knew when we met Tammy that she was special, what we only learned later is that the type of care she provided us is not mainstream in other hospitals. When the founding members of The LLOST Foundation heard this, we immediately knew we needed to get to work and try to help as many hospitals as we could.

Treasured Memories Campaign is to assist families that lose a child during pregnancy or shortly after through our support to local hospitals that will care for these families. In order to fulfill this goal, we provide:

  • Supplies to create mementos for families that lose a child. Read more details about the various perinatal bereavement supplies we collect and donate.
  • Perinatal bereavement resources, such as books, that may be helpful to families, as well as the nurses and doctors that are there to help these families during the loss of their child.
  • Walk to Remember: Anyone whose life has been touched by the loss of a baby is encouraged to attend. The memorial walk provides families with an opportunity to remember and acknowledge their baby’s life along with others who have endured similar tragedies.
  • Scholarships to individuals to receive formal training on the care of the bereaved.